Evergreen Tree Inlaid Wood Coasters

Evergreen Tree Inlaid Wood Coasters

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Our Evergreen Inlaid Pine Tree Coasters are a set of 4 in a stand which are hand designed then precision laser cut and etched out of Baltic Birch plywood.  They have been hand sanded and stained and lacquered repeatedly to be water resistant.  They have cork backings to protect tables and are beautifully displayed.  We create a quality finish while showing the natural grain of the wood.  

We delivery quality craftsmanship and a great attention to detail.  We take care to provide product consistency.

Set of 4 in stand - each Coaster measures 4" diagonally and the stand measures 10" x 2" x 3/8".  In stand height is 4 3/8" tall.

Each Coaster might have a slight variation of stain color, and wood grain.  We do accept custom orders and will work with you.  We welcome your questions.  Have something specific in mind?  Let's discuss it!