John and Tina's artistic use of laser-cut technology is years in the making, and a collaborative effort.  John has over 35 years’ experience in carpentry and construction.  Tina studied art and photography in university, and continued to dabble in the arts on the side when her career led her into administrative management for computer firms.

We’re now in our ‘second act, combining our talents to follow our interests in art and technology.   Inspiration for our unique pieces is easy to find!  Tina lived on the coastline of British Columbia for over 17 years, “with orca pods basically in my front yard,” she writes.  The jumping whale scene, with its orca playfully leaping out of the blue ocean waters, is an image close to her heart.  Cat and dog images stem from their personal animal rescue efforts.  Wildlife scenes come from their woodland Oregon City home.   

Watch Our Process

3D Shadow Boxes


Our ideas, derived and inspired by nature, the environment, and some whimsical, are sketched on paper, then refined on the computer for the image to be put together harmoniously. Collaborating on stain colors, we create an image of the finished work. This work is disassembled on the computer for each piece to be intricately cut and / or etched on pre-hand sanded and stained wood. The product is then assembled and glued with spacers to create the 3D effect (specific to our shadow boxes).  We hand make the frame which is stained, waxed and lacquered for a lasting finish. Wood used in our art can range European Baltic Birch Plywood for it's amazing grain, to fine hardwoods including Cherry, Oak, Mahogany, and Alder.

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